About Me

clarinettist / bass clarinettist / saxophonist / teacher

ZyMB8g_O_400x400There’s no getting away from it: as a child, I was the band geek. Thirty-five years later, I still am. While everyone else was deciding what career they wanted to follow, I never had a clue – I just wanted to do music. So I did.

After the obligatory childhood recorder phase (sorry Mum), I started the clarinet at the age of seven – that’s young, but as long as you have your top teeth, it’s doable – and just sort of never stopped. Joined a local band in my Devon hometown, stayed there for 10 years, progressed quickly through my exams with the aid of a great peripatetic teacher, and decided that was the job for me.

After moving to London in 2000, I quickly became involved in the local music scene with a strong bias towards community and voluntary groups, mostly because great music happens when everyone’s there because they want to be, not because they have to be. I’ve gained significant performance experience across the capital as a result: in the last ten years, I’ve played at Oxford Street’s famous 100 Club, the Grosvenor ballroom, Eltham Palace and the Oval Cricket Ground with the South London Jazz Orchestra, on stage at Central Hall Westminster with US wind band composer Frank Ticheli, on a large percentage of London’s beautiful bandstands, and at a whole host of regular London events, from the annual Dulwich Festival Concert for Children with South London Symphonic Winds, the Sydenham Festival and the lovely Sussex Prarie Gardens with the Incredible Sax Band and, recently, St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, with the Central Band of the Royal British Legion, which frankly was a bit of a bucket list tick!

These days, I joke that I only know what day of the week it is by which rehearsal I’m at, which bit of London I’m in and what instrument I’m carrying; if I’m in a rehearsal room off Trafalgar Square with a bass clarinet, it must be Thursday…right?

I want everyone to have the same passion for music – and especially ensemble playing – that I do, because there’s really nothing better. And that’s why I teach.

Currently playing with:

Central Band of the Royal British Legion: Bb clarinet/Bass clarinet
London Gay Symphonic Winds:
 Bass clarinet
All Saints Concert Band: Bb clarinet/Bass clarinet
London Saxophone Choir: Alto/Soprano sax

Occasionally playing with:

Lambeth Wind Orchestra: Bass clarinet
Croydon Symphonic Band: Tenor sax

Need a dep?

Happy to dep on Bb clarinet (1st, 2nd, 3rd – whatever needs doing), bass clarinet, alto or tenor sax. Very strong sight-reader with more ensemble experience than you can shake a stick at – get in touch.